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Welcome to the DOH! Network — The Official Website of Johnny Leche.

The server seems to have stayed alive today. The game servers are all working and the SoF2 server's been busy all night. Looks like the change of ISPs didn't affect the connection any. Cool.

Look for a new Unreal Tournament 2003 bonus pack tomorrow. 6 new maps from the Digital Extremes guys. Shweet!

DOH! The server is finally up after being up last night and then the modem crashing sometime overnight so that it was down all day today. Got all the game servers started up again but the SoF2 one wasn't respawing weapons so I looked around and found the weapons respawn was set to like 5 minutes. Changed it to 5 seconds and in typical DOH! Network fashion, when the game was restarted, it wouldn't come back up. DOH!

Woohoo! The site is finally back up again. What a hassle. I got disconnected early from Direct TV and DSL Extreme had to wait for them to release the line and then I was connected but my modem was too old and not compatible with the setup SBC has out in my area. Tried to get a modem but nobody carries DSL modems or they have one model that is way expensive. Luckily DSL Extreme got me a modem the day after I order it for half the price and I am finally connected again.

And now it's time for everybody's favorite game of all time next to Pong...

Do You Like Animace?!!!

For some reason I can't get my games of Soldier of Fortune, Quake III and Return to Castle Wolfenstein to run. Hmmm... Don't know what would cause them all to suddenly lock up when I try to start them. What is one thing all these games have in common? Hmmmm... could it be Punk Buster?

PacBell had a guy out today to check if the line was working for the DSL. Everything seemed good but the service still won't be turned on till Wednesday. He said that the phone company runs fiber all the way to closest switch and if I wanted to pay the extra money, I could get a 6 meg line rather than the 1.5 if I reeeaaally wanted it.

Woohoo! Finally finished Warcraft III and just barely. My last village was being overrun and I had on character left and it wasn't a hero. The bad guy was coming up on the final gate but he ran out of time and I managed to win. The final cinematic was kinda short but it was a great game. There were a bunch of clips after the game while the credits were rolling like some outtakes and a rock concert and even a football game. There was a line at the end that said come back after you finish the game on hard and I was like great. There's probably an alternate ending if you finish on hard. Considering how many levels I just managed to get through, I don't think I could handle the hard setting. Maybe if I could have more than 90 characters, I might be able to but this was a tough game at times. I wonder if using the cheats will keep you from seeing the different ending. Hmmmm...

I managed to get my other computer to run a smooth UT2003 server but now it seems to forget it has two hard drives. DOH! Can't get the thing to boot up now.

I messed around with the Windohs version of the Unreal Tournament 2003 dedicated server today. Set it up on my 500Mhz computer with 384 megs of ram and tried to jump in with my other machine. Dayum! It was hella laggy. So much for using it as a dedicated UT server at the next LAN. I didn't even have bots in there and I was doggin'.

egrep updated the Deathcon site to use a new low maintenance blog format. You may see some of my gaming news updates showing up over there too.

Woohoo! The DOH! Network should be back online some time in the next couple of days! egrep's already reset the DNS so that should be working fully sometime over the weekend. DSL Extreme says the turn on date is Wednesday but hopefully they will turn it on sooner. The server's already configured with the new IP so all I need is the for the flip to be switched.

Valve Software, the makers of Half-Life are trying out a new download software out called Steam. They released some beta tests and plan to use the new product for the release of Counter-Strike 1.06. Only problem is someone leaked the beta and it made the rounds and Valve's servers were brought down by all the people trying to get the new version of Counter-Strike. DOH! They had to scrap their plans to release CS this week while they figure out what to do.

IGI multiplayer and single player demos are available for download over at 3D Gamers.

Man, I tell ya. You try to make game servers so you and your buddies can play games against each other on the Internet and ya get nothing but grief from it. No wonder egrep went bald. Maybe I should just kill the servers and we can all go our separate ways. I spend too much time playing games anyway.

Tears Of The Sun trailer.

Woohoo! The new Soldier of Fortune 2 1.03 patch is now available for download in lite and full size downloads. You can get it from, File Shack, File Planet or whatever site you usually download your patches from. Hellchick at Activision also stated that dedicated server admins don't need an updated binary to be 1.03 compatible so I should have the SOF2 servers updated shortly. (ShackNews)

Later that same night...

Ok. The DOH! Network server is running the SoF2 1.03 update. I also got the latest OSP mod that is 1.03 compatible. The server is working but there is a problem with the rcon. If you try to change something as an admin and key in '/rcon password nextmap', rather than make your change it broadcasts it in the game for everybody to see with the password showing. Luckily when I figured this out, nobody was in the server. If you are admining a server, you should add your password to your config so you don't have to type it in-game.

Later that same night...

Ok. The DOH! Network and The Bizarre are both running the 1.03 version of Soldier of Fortune 2 and OSP version t now. Check 'em out when you have a moment.

Uma's back in Kill Bill. (QuickTime)

Happy New Year!

Are there rumors of a Deathcon LAN being scheduled for the end of January? Hmmmm...

egrep's finally updated his site with a new easy to use format. If tests go well with the new layout, chances are it will show up on Deathcon too.

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In Harm's Way players can grab the 1.2 update that adds multiplayer deathmatch mode and dedicated server support. There's also a map pack available that adds nine new multiplayer maps. Shweet! You can get all the details over on the No One Lives Forever forums. (THE SIERRA NEWSLETTER - December 2002)

Looks like Grumpy Girl's website got too many hits today. The site is temporarily out of service for exceeding its allocated data transfer limit.

There should be a new patch out for Soldier of Fortune 2 some time this month that will feature a couple of new maps. Shweet! Nothing I like more than a couple of new maps except maybe a couple of new weapons. Or vehicles. Vehicles would be good too. Doh! No vehicles in SOF2. I need to start up the old Tribes 2 server. Did I mention Sierra announced they had green lit Tribes 3 last month?

Speaking of servers, the Deathcon WAN seems to be gaining momentum again. Deathcon use to be the raging game server a couple of years back but the loss of the killer T1 connection kinda put a damper on things. Now with Deathcon and the Bizarre having pretty good connections plus the smaller DOH! Network and Zulu servers hosting smaller games and a much wider variety of games, the WAN is starting to see players returning for some online FPS goodness. For a list of all the servers currently running, check out the DOH! Network servers page.