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Saturday July 14, 2018
I have a secret account on Reddit for posting comments to answer a certain type of question. Posted one the other day and nobody flamed me for it. Another guy even deleted his answer. I'm guessing because he thought mine was better. Up to 13 points so far. Highest post yet. Woooo!
Friday July 06, 2018
My plan to buy up all the cheap sprays and voice lines is working in Overwatch loot boxes. There are none of the 25 centers left so now when ever I get a loot box, it has to be something better or money back. Sadly, the money back is only 5 cents for voice lines and sprays but what can you do. Now I have a bunch of change I can use to buy up the Summer Games voice lines and sprays in that upcoming event. I still get a lot of player icons though. Can't buy those.