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Tuesday June 21, 2016
Got a nice little bonus just a couple of days before the Steam Summer Sale starts. Steam has LIMBO available for a limited time* for free.
* Free being until 10am tomorrow so get it quick.
Saturday June 18, 2016
Got around to finishing Brütal Legend yesterday. Checking out my achievements, I only earned 9 of 59. A quick scan of what is left to achieve makes me think "Ya know? 9 is not that bad". The achievements involve a bunch of multiplayer and replaying the game and I don't have that much time or interest in any game to start over anymore. Time to move on to Darksiders that I picked up as a two pack with Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition for $5 on Steam a while back.
Friday June 03, 2016
Woohoo!!! I won second place in the NVIDIA Order of 10 Sweepstakes. Well, actually I entered myself and DairyQueen in the contest and she won but whatever. Anyway, first prize was a fully loaded gaming machine with two of NVIDIA's brand new 1080 videocards. Second place was... a t-shirt. DOH! So close! Ah well, a free t-shirt is good... if the wife will let me have it.