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Wednesday April 20, 2016
The new polling engine is working. There are some refinements I would like to make for it and maybe a web interface for creating them but it does what I set out to do.
Ford is now taking pleas for their new GT. Send them a letter or video telling them why you deserve to own one of only 500 cars they will be making over the next 2 years to find out if you are worthy. You can go to and start configuring your GT today. The configurator is slow loading because of the way the site has to download 6 images every time you change something. They should have made it download the first image and then make another request for the rest in the background to help improve performance.
Friday April 15, 2016
The DOOM Multiplayer Open Beta is now available on Steam. I would like to say it is awesome and everybody should pick it up but my two nVidia 460 videocards can't handle it. It brings back memories of when I first tried to play Quake 3 Arena and my computer couldn't handle that.
The issues with the DOH! Network poll module have been resolved. Now the UI portion is being worked on and then they should be ready to start implementing on the site.
Saturday April 09, 2016
Bad Code Day™ continues as the poll module is now throwing a couple of other errors but at least the poll is loading and I just need to style the results screen. At least all my code in the last week hasn't been bad. I was able to come up with a line graph for a future sprint using the D3js library. Pothibo's article on adding and deleting points really helped at getting the chart to update with the addition and deletion. There's still some clean up to do and tweaks to adjust date and amount cultures and it will posibly have to support multiple lines but the hard part is hopefully complete. At least it use to work at work on Friday but now that I mentioned it, the points don't update. `Uncaught TypeError: is not a function` error. It will work if it is standalone. View the source and all files to recreate this chart are between the `<code>` tags. The D3js library is great for making charts to view data and I look forward to using it more in the future to display the polling data I will have if I can ever get the stupid polling code working.
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Saturday April 09, 2016
Bad Code Day™ in progress. It started last night when I was adding the finishing touches to the new poll module when it stopped working completely. Still no idea what is going on. `json_decode` is not decoding anything now. The test polls were successfully saving new votes and returning the results and now nothing works. At least I disabled the code that started wiping out all poll data so there's that.
Sunday April 03, 2016
Who would have thought making a PHP voting module would be harder than making an unsubscribe email list? Not me but I am still working on my PHP voting module while users can now unsubscribe from receiving DOH! Network E-Cards. The unsubscribe part came to me after fixing the e-card sender by switching from using CGI to PHP and took like an hour to implement. Then I fancied it up some but it was relatively painless unlike the PHP voting module that I have been messing around with for years. I should have just copied some code off the internet but I have an idea how I want it to work that is a pain in the neck but expanding my coding knowledge. I have to post my javascript `fetch` code because that should have been really easy but it kept breaking for some reason and is not as easy as you would think apparently. Or at least as easy as I thought it would be.
Auughh! After following along with Games Radar GTA 5 Stunt Jumps Locations, I still have 4 jumps unaccounted for. It was hard enough finding most of the jumps in the first place but now I have to go through them all again to see which ones I missed.
Friday April 01, 2016
It's no April Fools joke! Doom is now available for pre-purchase on Steam! The game will be released on May 13 so that gives me time to save up for a new videocard. Then again, the game is $60 so it will take me some time to save up for that too.