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Wednesday August 24, 2016
Always remember to take a snapshot of your VM when it is working well. I did not and just had the joy of being down for a day and a half while a new VM was put on my work laptop.
Slowly the coments test module is coming together. It can now add and delete a new comment and delete an existing comment by the "logged in user". Now to figure out how to get it to stop replacing the just added comment with another new comment and then I can move on to the replies and editing an existing comment.
UPDATE: I didn't fix the new comment replacing the previous new comment but I got it to stop doing the ngRepeat:dupes error. Add track by $index to your ng-repeat element.
Saturday August 20, 2016
Calc(100% - 20px) is a pretty cool css feature that we can finally start using at work now that we don't support IE8. I've had to use it a couple of times in the last couple of weeks for some stuff I am working on. It lets an element span 100% of the width of the page minus a specific number of pixels in case you have an icon or something to the left of the element kind of like the icon on this coments test module I am working on using Angular. There is an issue when using calc and plus as in calc(100% + 20%) when compressing your code with Y UI where the spaces are removed from the calculation and the element is never able to meet the 100% requirement. The spaces are required. After doing some research, the guys working on the issue found the issue found the way to fix the issue is to do the subtraction and then make the pixels a negative number like calc(100% - - 20px). I haven't had a need to add to the percentage but they did so good to know if I ever do need to do that.
Wednesday August 10, 2016
Took the truck in for service today. The dealership doesn't do car washes anymore. I remember when I use to get up every Saturday and wash the Z. I don't do that anymore. The Z was a lot smaller than the truck though. Who am I kidding? I spend too much time on the computer.
Monday August 01, 2016
Sweet! Nitro Circus has posted extended highlights from the Nitro World Games. Click here to check them out! This is actually just a shameless plug to fix the video player module that stopped loading with one of the last updates. Also updated the modal to use the same color as the site header.