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Leche is Online
Thursday December 18, 2014
I think I have already grown tired with the new site design. Time to start thinking about a new look. I'm thinking of going simpler. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the use of Font Awesome fonts has been a pain in the neck. I got them working in Chrome and everything was good. Then I noticed they weren't working in IE8. Fixed that and now I see they don't work in Chrome on the Mac. Add to that Johnny and the spinning burst background don't show up at all in IE8. Work is saying they are going to discontinue support for IE8 in 2015. While that is a good thing, will it be safe to take it off the resume? How many companies still support it. Plus I have been seeing issues with other browsers lately. A margin issue in Chrome and a Drop down box issue in IE9 are just the start I'm sure.
The DOH! Network Team Fortress 2 server is back and so is the DOH! Network Server Stats page. I will most likely redo that page along with the homepage but it is working for now. Maybe add some Handlebars templates or try my hand at coding my own templating system not that I have time.
Monday December 01, 2014
Game companies are all trying to entice users to build their online persona with stats pages on the game companies site so they can share stats with their friends and check their achievements. I really like taht Valve outputs an xml file so you can import those stats into your own site. I'm in the process of redoing the game achievements notification module I had on the site previously but you can see my online status displayed on the lower left under the nav on this page that uses Steam's xml to show if i am online or playing a game. Blizzard hasn't quite achieved that level with their stats but they do have a stats page on their site. While I couldn't pull an xml, the Blizzard user stats page does have a chunk of code in its rendered page that can be used to build a module by appying some css styling. Grab that chunk of code out and paste it into a php include and you don't have to do any other work to display your latest stats once you have your initial configuration set up. Click here to check out my StarCraft II stats.