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Thursday October 16, 2014
Arrghh!!! Stupid timezone offsets, cultures and ISO time. After spending a couple of weeks making the project at work use user preferred timezone in a couple of places, there are issues with dates rolling into each other so the whole timezone stuff is being scrapped. Now I have to rip it all out and just send the users current time but remove the offset because stringifying the data converts the date to ISO time appending the machine offset. Should be easy enough right? Wrong! I got the first page working in like 10 minutes and started working on the second page. It was doing some weird stuff so I went back to see what was different from this page and the previous and the previous page was not working. Spent another hour looking at the first page only to find it was still working fine. I decided to call it a night and will look at page 2 tomorrow. I think I was having a case of the "Bad Code Day"™. One thing I have noticed with this job is that the "Bad Code Days" seem to occur a lot more often than they did at the previous one.
Friday October 10, 2014
Got an email from DSL Extreme the other day. They are now reselling AT&Ts U-Verse service so for $100 bucks! The new service called trueStream could give the DOH! Network a massive performance increase with speeds of 75 megs down and 8 megs up. Now if only I could afford it.
Thursday October 09, 2014
Forget about fine tuning. The new site is live. There's still some kinks to be worked out but it will take forever and I will probably lose interest in the style before it ever goes live.
Wednesday October 08, 2014
A new website is incoming. It probably would be done by now if it weren't for work taking all my time. I have decided to scrap the current layout for a new look that should be less work although I have been putting a bunch of special effects into the new version already and haven't finished the header, footer, or links.
Wednesday October 01, 2014
Learned something new at work today that I could have used last week. I need to go back and redo some code on the new modal now.
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