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Friday February 05, 2016
Usually I am always impressed when I need to do something with Kendo's Grid but today it let me down and I had to go rogue on it. When using its built in `Export to Excel` feature, I found that it doesn't support formats because some Kendo formats aren't compatible with Excel. Whatever. One of their forum moderators suggested applying a format update but it used a `for` loop and added the same format to every cell. Luckily I was able to check for the type and if `number` add a currency format and `object` a date format. Now to figure out how to get the Excel and CSV files to both show the same data. The Excel version shows what is originally content and the CSV version shows the current grid with any changes you may have made. I will probably just have to add another grid data request to the `Export to CSV` function. Other than that, Kendo Grid has always had a fix for issues I have needed to resolve.
UPDATE: I relisted some of my other tradable inventory and am now up to $1.33. Woooo! Some guy actually paid 5¢ for this wallpaper that he can display as his Steam profile background and 5¢ each for a lump of coal and candy cane emoticons that he can use in Steam chats. That people would spend money on this stuff blows my mind. This is why we have all these games that offer in-game transactions. For those not on Steam, all the items I am selling where awarded to me for playing games. I did not purchase any of them.