Friday, April 18, 2014
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Friday 04, 2014
Finally after 4 weeks of presenting my project in the UI weekly meeting for code review I got a reprieve this week as I had to break down some of my functions into smaller ones so they could easily be unit tested. Tried writing unit tests today and have no idea what I am doing. Will need a crash course next week.
The dead line for the projects I have been working on are coming up. Only need to fix some bugs and JS Doc and unit test them and I should be good. Saw a presentation and my projects are two of the big pieces of the release. It will be good to see them out the door finally.
Finished the main story in Batman: Arkham Origins and was only 30% of the way through the game. Finally found all the Enigma blackmail tapes but still have a bunch of other things to do and some of the achievements may require replaying the game. I'm starting to burn out on this game.
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