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Sunday August 10, 2014
The new homepage is live. It would have been live sooner but problems with Git caused me to have to delete and reinstall Git completely on the server and local machine. There are still some things to clean up on it but the major parts are done. A couple of handy commands to know when your remote bracn won't update are... git fetch --all and git reset --hard origin/master They basically tell Git "$#@(*#& you Git! Pull down my @#@()& files now and shut your mouf!"
Saturday August 02, 2014
The site redesign is coming along. It is going to be much cleaner codewise and a lot lighter with the removal of a bunch of images. So far it is loading nicely in Internet Explorer 11, Chrome and Firefox. I haven't booted up an Internet Explorer 8 or 9 instance yet though but there are only a few things that are not IR8/9 compatible so hopefully the difference will only be minor things. I have to remind myself to only do the base homepage for now. I got sidetracked working on a color selector since the new design will allow for changing theme colors, That would for sure not work on IE8/9. Enough for this update. I am looking at the news item header thinking how can I clean that up but taht is for the next update.
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