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Leche was last online 44 hours, 14 minutes ago.
Sunday November 09, 2014
It looks like the SteamPowered xml is just totally off. I can be online or in a game and the xml is still returning that I am offline. Makes for a tough time fixing the online status widget. I have had to resort to putting other peoples Steam IDs in to see the different results.
Man I wish I had as much free time as kids do today. Instead of playingvideo games, the kids have taken up watching somebody else play the videogames now. Every time I turn around, they are watching some girl play Minecraft. I keep telling them if they started learning coding, they could be making the next Minecraft game. I gave them the ability to update their wishlists using PHP My Admin and they were in to that last year but now they don't even want to do that. I woul be programming so much stuff if I had their free time.
Saturday November 08, 2014
I just added the online status widget under the left nav last night using some PHP and the Steam Powered player api but it seems like it isn't as accurate as I remember it being in the past. It looks like it takes a while to update. Like now I am online but the xml says I am not. Or it could be that the DOH! Network servers are caching pages. Lately when making CSS changes, I can refresh and get different styling every couple of refreshes. Weird.
Friday November 07, 2014
Thursday November 06, 2014
Sometimes I look at what I'm building at work and think I just don't get it but apparently accoutants love it. All this matching and reconciling. I have to say what the product is moving towards look really good though. It looks so professional and I'm building some of it. Of course I need UX to tell me what looks good though because I have no artistic ability.
I was sad to see the other day that the El Capitan Theatre finally received an update. That was the last site I know of taht had my code on it. It's kind of a good thing though because my code was not that good back then but it still makes me sad to know it's not there anymore. The new code doesn't look too tricky. I was expecting to see some namespacing or closures. There are some things that could be improved but it's probably all coming from a template somewhere so changes could be tricky. It does the job of promoting movies so it's all good.
Monday November 03, 2014
I really hate when writing code and something goes wrong causing the page not to work and you back out a couple of times to when you could last view the page and save and it still doesn't work. Back out some more and it still doesn't work. Back up even more and it starts loading. Then you start adding things back in and checking and it loads and it loads again and then you are right back to where you were and it loads fine.
Saturday November 01, 2014
Scream Fortress 6 is going on from October 29th through November 12th. Download Team Fortress for free and start playing. New features in Scream Fortress include bumper cars! Sweet! Check out the hypnotic eyes on the Scream Fortress 6 homepage. A quick view of the code reveals Spritely's sprite() function to perform the animation. I was thinking of a new Johnny page that would do something similar. I will have to see how mine stacks up against Spritely's version when I do.