Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Monday July 21, 2014
Never type `git checkout master` when you are working in another branch on a file taht has never been commited unless you really don't want that file anymore. Case in point: The file I had to update my stats page? I don't have it anymore.
After watching the DOTA 2 finals over the weekend I decided to give it a try. There is a tutorial now that I didn't see the last time I played that helped me figure some stuff out that I didn't see in the competition. Even with that, there are so many heroes and equipment to purchase that can then be crafted into other items, it will take a long time for me to be a threat to anyone but the kids and that's if I can get them interested in playing.
Thursday July 17, 2014
I'm thinking to update my site, I need to start by building the homepage without all the effects. Just a straight HTML page with a stylesheet. Then write an all new global javascript file with only the code I need. I don't remember what half the stuff I have in the global js file is doing and there are other js files floating around that might be getting called occasionally as well. Some older pages will probably break but it is for the greater good.
Wednesday July 16, 2014
Note to self: Never run git clean -d -fx "" unless you want to wipe out your enitre Git repo.
More notes to myself: When updating do these steps in Git from the local website folder... git add index.php
git commit -m "description of update"
git push origin <branch name>
Then go to the website folder on the server and make this call... git pull origin <branch name> Next up: The server will get hung up if I update the files directly on the server to test if a fix will work so I need to set up a local version of the website to test changes before pushing them.
I really need to clean up my code one of these days. I have a bunch of javascripts with little bits of each being used here and there. Need to clean it up and remove references to `test` and `redesign` folders.
Tuesday July 15, 2014
Test update to see if I can get this to the website from Git. "git pull origin newsupdate" is pulling updated files from the git repo on the server but putting them in the wrong location on the website.
Monday July 14, 2014
Now that we are using Git at work, I thought it would be a good idea to start using it at home so I can get omre familiar with it. I have it set up so that I can now commit news items from my desktop to the server in a folder that is not the official homepage. I'm just not sure where the actual files are. I will need to do more reading before I put the whole site in it to figure out how to get the commited files to the website. Might need to set up a continuous integration server. Greeaat.
Tuesday July 08, 2014
Happy Birthday to me, Johnny Leche! I tell ya, the best present of the year was making it so the kids could update their wishlists themselves. I had to rework their wishlist pages a little and then showed one of them how to work phpMyAdmin. now, hopefully, she will teach the older one how it works so not only are they updating their wishlists but they are learning some SQL commands if they need to change or remove an item.
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