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Leche is Online
Thursday July 02, 2015
I did not realize how old the code on was. While fixing the Google analytics, I was hit with no DOCTYPE, tables for layout and a bunch of DOM elements in all caps. I think the site redesign I was thinking of might start with something small like updating that site before the DOH! Network. Wish me luck.
Just sitting here wondering why my uploads to the server are so slow. Duh! It's because moving it to the other room is using existing wiring that is only transferring data at 100 Mbps. Looks like I need to move the server back to the office.
Wednesday July 01, 2015
I miss the good old days of being laid off when I had time to do code redesigns. Now I have all these little widgets that I don't have the time to integrate into the site. It would probably help if I had some artistic skills to come up with a fresh new look for the site. I have ideas but they never look quite as good as I thought they would when I finish. Too bad we don't have an artist on retainer anymore.